Join the Resistance

Got enough “HOPE”? More to the point… got any “CHANGE”?

The last week has been a touch hard on the wallet. On Sunday gas was $2.99 a gallon, today it’s over $3.19 and shooting sky-high faster than an Apollo rocket. By next Saturday, I’ll have to stop for a loan before I fill the tank. For some reason, the idea just doesn’t thrill me. Over the past several months I’ve watched as the price of groceries has followed the same trajectory – up, up, up, and away. And there’s no ceiling in sight.

What’s a girl to do?

Why, join the Resistance, of course!

What is the Resistance, you ask? Let me enlighten you…

The Resistance is a grassroots movement to counter the narrative being promulgated by the Obama regime that a majority of the country supports the policies and programs that have been instituted over the past three years and have caused the current economic situation we find ourselves in. It’s a counter-insurgency designed to illuminate the lies, deceptions, and misdirection of the media, the socialists and enviro-whackos running the country.

It’s a guerrilla campaign to let your friends and neighbors know that they aren’t the only ones who are frustrated and fed up.

Most of all, it’s fun, easy and effective. It’s the Sticky Note Campaign. It started over a year ago, but has seen a sudden re-emergence in the last few days.

Basically, you take a pad of sticky notes and write a short, simple message conveying outrage over the hike in gas and grocery prices (or anything else, for that matter!) and leave them on gas pumps, grocery shelves, restaurants – any place where people are likely to “get it”.

Sticky Notes ready? Vive la Resistance!

Here are some possible slogans for your personal mini-war (and feel free to share any clever slogans of your own):

No to Paul

Guest Post by Loki

Of all of the Republican candidates this year the one I least support is Ron Paul. Mainly because he is not a Republican or a conservative but is a socially liberal Libertarian.

Today I was reminded of that by the death of Whitney Houston. The extremely liberal Tony Bennett upon hearing the news proclaimed that as a tribute to Ms. Houston we should legalize drugs to prevent deaths like hers, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson. Legalizing drugs would not have helped Ms. Houston one bit. It would have brought on her demise much quicker. She did not die from her lack of being able to attain drugs. She died because of her long history of abuse of drugs and the destruction it had on her health.

Ron Paul agrees with this stand as to the legalization of drugs, an extremely liberal position. Man is weak and to think legalizing drugs would not have dire consequences is utter madness. Ron Paul has a similar attitude about world politics. That somehow if we let the world fight its own battles things will work out gloriously. Too bad our enemies do not feel that way. If we were to abandon our friends and let chaos rule the world we would soon find ourselves alone.

Were drugs to be legalized our hospitals would soon be filled with victims of drug over doses and addicts. And of course liberals would also demand that we would have to build many more rehab facilities and pay for them with Obamacare. The cost of so many people being unproductive and using our resources to return to normal lives would be extremely costly.

The war on drugs is ugly and costly. The alternative offered by Ron Paul and liberals is socially destructive and financially worse.

One final off topic thought, why do liberals want to legalize drugs but regulate our sugar intake? Liberals just seem to have such diametrically opposed thoughts completely free of logic. I sometimes feel flummoxed.

ED Note: The delay in posting this is entirely mine. Loki wrote and submitted this post on Feb 12. Apologies for the delay. ~ Basketcase Mgr.


Guest Post by Loki

There has been a small increase in manufacturing in the USA. Manufacturers have found that with automation they can actually make things in the USA cheaper than in China with shipping costs. Using computers and robots they have nearly fully automated some manufacturing.

The problem the manufacturers are having is that there are not enough people in the USA to repair and maintain the new automatic facilities. Schools are producing graduates that are great at video games and tweeting and not much else. The schools have coddled the students giving out medals for last place and telling them how they should feel good about themselves. “R U hme”, is now considered ‘good enough’ for language skills.

While Russia’s Putin flexes his muscles for the cameras and hunts bare-chested from horseback our President goes golfing. While China has started building Aircraft carriers Obama is cutting our military. While our unemployed languish at home, their wives plead with Obama for jobs as he is passing out visas to high-tech immigrants.

We are becoming a country of spectators of life waiting for our unemployment checks and voting for the political party that promises to take care of us. Our future is beginning to look like a job at McDonalds asking an immigrant if he would like fries with his order.

But hey, if the world ever needs some tweeters or video game players we have a lock on those jobs.

Well, I have to go. I need to call tech support in India.