Hello Helena – and the rest of the world! Welcome to a new blog site dedicated to sharing thoughts, ideas, and other specimens of literary brilliance about the goings on in and around Helena and Montana.

By choice, if not default, most items found on this site will be of a political nature. Mostly because I am of a political nature and those are the types of thoughts, comments, and ideas in which I usually like to indulge.

Wow – having your own blog is like somebody died and made you Queen. As a very wise woman once said, “It’s good to be Queen” Got that right!

So to explain the title of this site and my vision for how it will work…

I am a lover of puns and all other such wordsmithing, so it was no accident that I would choose something that might be a bit of a double entendre. I also love descriptive phrases and liberally pepper my speech and writing with them. One of my mother’s favorite remarks when someone asked where she was going was, of course, “to hell in a handbasket” or as I interpreted it as a child, “to Helena handbasket”. I never knew quite where Mom was going – but she spent a lot of time there, so it had to be a fun place. As I contemplated my concept for this site, I realized that I wanted it to be more than just me – I want this to become a shared experience – thus the “2”. So consider “2 Helena Handbaskets” as a fun place to visit and share your thoughts and observations with friends.

My Handbasket will be filled with whatever I want to put into it. The other Handbasket is reserved for the thoughts and writings of everybody else who would like to contribute. As the Chief Basket Case, I will have editorial control. I’m hoping that the literary genius of writers like Erma Bombeck, Jean Kerr, Dave Barry, Art Buchwald, P. J. O’Rourke, Patrick J. McManus, and even Ann Coulter will inspire all of us to incorporate humor and style into the communication of our points of view on various topics. That way – even if we can’t change anybody’s mind, we can at least provide a bit of entertainment for what I hope will be an ever-expanding audience.

Although this site is formatted as a blog, I really would like it to become a dynamic collection of light essays on a variety of subjects. I know there are many talented writers out there and this can be the forum you use to publish those literary gems. From time to time, I might suggest a theme, but generally I will leave your handbasket for you to fill.

I suppose there will have to be some rules, but I think I’ll wait to get into those details.

Ok everybody, get out those laptops.

Ready. Set. Write!!!!!!!!

P.S. Rule 2: You may request that your submissions be published either with or without your name or, naturally, you may use a penname. Tell me what you want.

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