5 thoughts on “Phoebe’s Radio Spot

  1. “Vote Phoebe, vote Phoebe.” Very catchy, and I cannot get it out my head now! lol My children learned and remembered information so much easier with a song or chant. Excellent!…and I do wish you guys success.

  2. Thanks Mom! That’s the theory we’re using – sure hope it works! FYI – the tune is the Montana State Song (more or less) and so it should embed itself pretty fast to our audience.

  3. This has nothing to do with this post Auntie Lib. I just wanted to thank you for “turning” me onto Hillbuzz. I read twenty blogs daily (95% right wing) and it’s one of the first. Those Chicago “boys” don’t mix any metaphors. So thanks.

  4. Mike – Glad you like HB. It’s a must read on my list too. Part of the reason I love it is the comments are as good as the posts. Thanks for checking in here too!

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