The King Is Dead…

I just finished watching the two videos of the work session of the PSC from yesterday. If it weren’t for the costuming, the whole thing could have been an episode of The Borgias. Drama! Intrigue! Character Assassination! Greed! Envy! Power Plays! And now we know – Travis has the biggest one and can piss the farthest. Wahoo. Long live the king. Not.

Quite frankly that was the most disgustingly obvious power grab since Brutus slipped the knife into Caesar’s ribs. As painful as it must have been for Bill Gallagher to have had to sit through that farce, I would venture to guess that the loss of the gavel is probably more welcome than not; his only regret being that he didn’t have the opportunity to use it to whack some sense into Travis Kavulla’s thick skull.

For those of you who thought that we might finally have a responsible conservative commission – sorry. Travis has sold his soul for the chairmanship – whether he realizes it or not. And I suspect not. Yet. He is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat minority. For any of you who have not yet had the opportunity to watch the proceedings for yourselves, you don’t have to take my word for it. The fun starts towards the end of Session 1 and continues through Session 2. Be advised – this is neither short nor sweet.

I am disappointed in Travis. I was very impressed with him when I met him a year ago January and was delighted when he won last November. He is an extremely intelligent and articulate young man. But I have to agree with Chairman Gallagher, he is immature and lacking in character and integrity. Maturity will come. The other two traits are not assured. Mores the pity.

Yesterday was not a particularly good day for Montana politics except for one thing: Travis Kavulla proved that the 62nd Legislature isn’t the worst political joke of the year.

Heavy is the head the wears the crown – or in more colloquial terms – You asked for it, Travis – you got it!

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  1. Bill Gallagher is a strong leader who has Montana’s best interests at heart! He recently spoke at the Montan TEA Convention in Helena, and at the Sanders County Republican Convention [video ]. Could his support of conservatism and republicanism be at the bottom of this cut throat action by his ‘colleagues?

  2. So, let’s get this straight …

    Brad Molnar asked then-Chairman Gallagher to cover up his publicly-subsidized travel, and Gallagher obliged. And Kavulla’s the bad guy????? Auntie, what if Gallagher had a “D” next to his name instead of an “R”?

  3. Like the author of this blog, I watched the entire work session. And I came away with a different impression then the author. For someone of his age, Travis showed a maturity beyond his years – no raised voice, a calm demeanor, distinct, well articulated comments. Of course, one could expect no less from someone who’s worked for the National Review. And that, in itself, attests to his conservative credentials. And I don’t question his integrity. When the chairman commented about his supposed secret travel, Travis quickly answered that his travel was posted and was removed by PSC staff. Verifed by the way. And Travis even pointed out to the chairman that they’d spoken about that incident. I think the prudent course of action here would be to allow the young man to prove himself. I think he’s not looking for power, but wanting a very important commission to function for the best of all Montanans. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m not going to condemn him for doing what, in my opinion, appears to be the correct and prudent thing to do.

  4. I watched the entire work session as well. I came away feeling like Travis Kavulla betrayed the trust of the people who elected him to this office. Brad Molnar’s travel was on the PSC calendar, so nothing secret about that. That certainly wasn’t a valid reason to oust Chairman Gallagher. I am especially alarmed that something of this magnitude could take place without Vincent’s presence. John Vincent couldn’t even be reached on the phone, yet they can still vote to oust the Chairman? This fiasco by Travis Kavulla was not about Brad Molnar attending a conference in DC, it was all about his greed, desire for power, and need to feed his enormous ego.

  5. I do need to make one point here – I do not, and never have, questioned Travis’ conservative credentials.

    I stand by my opinion, but it is, just that, my opinion. The jury’s out on this and I – among many others will be watching. Vigilantly.

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  7. I did watch the 2 sessions presented and am certainly motivated to watch the next session. Thank you Bill Gallagher for being the adult in the room. I would never question Travis’s conservative credentials but I would question his maturity and choice of who to hang with. I also have to wonder if his desire for power has been compromised by the Dems. I have to also wonder if Ken Toole is playing a role here and is the fact that Travis is living in a place owned by former commisssion member Jergerson playing a part? Hmmm things to ponder. Travis, are you being used???????????

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