“Me and Paul Revere”

Not generally thought of as one of America’s great musicians nor historians, comedian Steve Martin performed his new blue grass ballad, “Me and Paul Revere” on the Mall at the annual Capitol Fourth Concert in Washington DC. Martin tells the story of that famous ride from the perspective of the horse who carried the dedicated patriot through the countryside that fateful night…

Apparently Sarah Palin got it right and even that bastion of Hollywood liberals, Steve Martin, acknowledges it (although begrudgingly at best in his introduction to the song tonight): After being captured, Revere warned the British that the rebels in Lexington were armed and ready to fight for their freedom. Who knew? Evidently not many of the liberal intelligentsia who learned everything they know about that episode of American history from a nineteenth century poem.

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  1. Quote: “Woobly,

    Interesting, you consider the use of “Democrat party” a scouralous attack. I would consider it much worse to belong to the ‘Democratic Party’.”

    Yikes. A little early in the day to be hittin’ it, isn’t it?!

    Anyway, no, I don’t consider it a scurrilous attack. I consider it deciding to call someone by a name other than the one they go by — for example, if my name is Eleanor and you decide to call me Ellen. There’s nothing wrong with Ellen, you understand. It’s just not my name.

  2. Yeeehaaawwwww!!! Janice Hahn beat that teaparty nutbag/snake oil salesman Craig Huey in the special election for Jane Harman’s seat in California’s 36th District!

    I know you’ll all want to join this screaming LIB-ER-AL for a round of high fives and extreme celebration! Uh-huuuh, uh-huuuh, uh-huuuh!!

    And boy howdy — is our awesome President kicking ass on the debt ceiling or what?! Here’s how David Corn described Mitch McConnell’s recent cave: “You drive, we’ll carp.”


  3. A liberal won in a liberal district, but only by a small amount. You celebration is ridiculous.

    As Obama’s approval ratings go down the toilet.

    His re-election prospects continue to tank.

    And Obama threatens to cut granny’s SS check off so he can continue to pay subsidies to GE who didn’t pay taxes.

    Even NBC suspected Obama was using scare tactics.

    You sound like the 2nd officer telling the Capt. of the Titanic that things are looking great.

    By the way, how is that budget the democrats were legally required to submit that is over 400 days doing? Guess Republicans will have to finish the job because liberals are too incompetent and cowardly.

    Obama, about to pass Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever!

    p.s. Get your DNC check and cash it quick, I heard that Obama’s fund raising isn’t doing as well as last time.

  4. Quote: “Get your DNC check and cash it quick,”

    Meaning you think I’m a paid troll? Whatever gets you through the night, babe. 😀

    Quote: “I heard that Obama’s fund raising isn’t doing as well as last time.”

    Really? I heard he did all right. 😉

  5. Loki Says:
    July 11th, 2011 at 11:54 am
    Zoot said, “For your listening enjoyment:”

    I’m confused about your post. Are you telling us you are an atheist?

    HAR HAR HAR. I’m not telling you anything. What I said was, “For youe listening pleasure.” Did you not enjoy it? Did you laugh even once? I would agree that you’re a VERY confused person, though. 🙂

  6. Loki Says:
    July 11th, 2011 at 9:08 pm
    OK Eleanor, what do you mean by hittin’ it. Is this another nonpersonal attack that is personal?

    Huh? Look, Loki…you and Basket Case Manage took this entire line personal. If you want us to let the dogs out, we’ll crucify you and anyone else here.

    Psssst…Wobbly One…did you know that it was a crime to eschew jury duty?


  7. Zoot – A little more research, please:


    “As Stacy chronicled yesterday, the media delight in spinning Sarah Palin’s successes as failures, to the extent of all-but ignoring sold-out primetime screenings of The Undefeated, while hyping one mysterious ”empty theater” at 12:01 a.m. the night before the official debut.
    I found only one article by Reuters on the sold-out Grapevine, Texas show, while there were half a dozen or more articles quoting the putrid Atlantic article about the alleged “empty midnight screening” in Orange, Calif.
    Since when do we talk about political biographies premiering at 12:01 a.m. like a summer blockbuster?
    (Apparently, this particular showing wasn’t even approved by Bannon or the marketing company, and was advertised in only one place, The OC Weekly, at the last minute. Makes ya wonder, huh?)”

    BTW – The primetime showing in Orange County was SOLD OUT.

  8. Yeah, and her books are million sellers, too. HAHA Let’s see…World Net Daily bought a ton of ’em, and who knows how many other right wing portals snapped some up, but you go ahead and continue your delusion with her. She’s a joke. Most Republicans know this.


    By the way, how come you are OK with both you and Loki taking this personal, yet accusing me of getting close to the line? Can you define the line for me yet? Frankly, I think you were just blowing smoke, but right wingers do that a lot. 🙂

    And, please…don’t source a pro-Palin site to try proving your point. Those kooks think that she craps sterling silver ingots.

  9. And Palin was playing against the latest Harry Potter film. And she still drew viewers.

    Zoot, how did you enjoy the Potter film?

  10. I’m Kind Of A Big Deal In Grapevine Texas
    By: TBogg Sunday July 17, 2011 1:15 am

    Sarah Palin’s rom-com about her wacky love affair with herself is not so boffo with the critics or at the box office.

    But that doesn’t keep the bimbo cultists at Consevatives4palin from spinning like tops while making big plans to attend the inauguration:

    I just returned from Indy where I saw the 3:30 showing of The Undefeated. By my estimates, there were about 75 people at this showing. Not bad for a mid-afternoon showing of an independent documentary about a single politician. This is encouraging news, as one person who is also from Illinois went last night and the 6:15 showing was full, and she had to see the 9 o’clock instead. It’s is showing in a very big theatre, so it must be doing well. It exceeded even my expectations, and was well worth the 400 plus mile round trip I took from the Chicago area to see it. If you are within a few hours of a location, do what you can to see this film.
    Just got back from the 1:50 PM showing of The Undefeated in Grapevine, TX. Attendance was roughly 75 people (I sat by the entrance and counted).
    The Undefeated is everything that rave reviewers have claimed it is. Thankfully, my wife and I saw the G rated version, so we weren’t assaulted by the filthy vitriol in the clips of the rabid leftists at the beginning of the movie. There were an awful lot of *bleeps* during that part.
    Finally home and back from seeing the movie in CO during the 1:25 show! I would say between 20 to 30 people were there. They also clapped at the end.
    My prediction is that the democrat-media complex will try to sandbag this movie at every turn. If we can push a good enough turnout to get it into a wider release, their tactics will lose all effectiveness. Once this thing hits Walmart there will be no stopping it!
    Awesome about Orlando! We attended the 1PM showing on Friday there in Universal Entertainment Complex which had about 25 in attendance, affected partly by it being during the work week at a theater which required one to park in a 1000 car parking lot at the cost of $15 and a pedestrian bridge walk across I-95 of about 1/2 mile.
    Great ideas. I think it would make a great addition to the video libraries of every retirement home in the country as well.
    My favorite:

    Is it possible that this movie could be the most watched since “Gone with the Wind’.
    These people are just adorable.


  11. This thread is long dead. Yet you insist on posting anti-Palin threads. Showing that you are completely obsessed. Either an unrequited love obsession or terrified with fear.

    I’m going with terrified.

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