2012 – Election Armageddon

Guest Post by Loki

The coming election year promises to be the most caustic hate filled Presidential race in my lifetime. This will be a vicious fight with cries of racism, lies, hate and cheating. I even expect a few deaths.

Let me lay out my premise. Obama’s presidency has been a failure. Unemployment is up with prediction of unemployment to be as high as 8.75% at the time of the election. His stimulus plan has failed and the backup plan is more stimuli. Housing prices continue a lackluster flat line. Household consumable prices continue to rise. High gas prices are remaining steady. Obama will not be able to run on his one great success. Obamacare’s popularity was nonexistent and fallen since. Waivers for Obamacare approach 1,500. With the printing of more money inflation is starting to show its ugly head. The Middle East now hates us more than when Bush was president. The voting public projected their hopes on Obama with his simplistic campaign of ‘Hope and Change’. Instead we got the same old politics with some added Chicago style thuggery. The election shine has been tarnished, his popularity and electability are falling. He can’t run against Bush anymore. His own mark is on the White House and the blame-game is not working anymore. He can’t continue his comparison of himself to Lincoln and Regan because nobody sees any connection. His only resort is dirty politics.

We have already seen some of that on this blog. Either paid or volunteer supporters of Obama have harassed this site possibly because of an article on Sarah Palin. The dumpster diving media has started to do hack reports on even potential presidential candidates. Rep. Jackson Lee (D) on the House floor claimed racism for anyone not supporting Obama’s debt ceiling. Bill Clinton claims Republicans are using ‘Jim Crow Laws’ to stop minorities from voting. And we are still over 16 months from the election.

Leaving Obama with nothing to run on but dirty politics I am afraid we are about to witness the dirtiest election of our lifetimes.

5 thoughts on “2012 – Election Armageddon

  1. I agree it will be caustic and hate-filled. But it’s the Republicans who are going to be doing all the hatin’… fueled by bushels of anonymous “free speech” from our corporate overlords.


  2. You’re right Loki, their failure to accomplish anything means they can’t run on their record, and Obama is continuing his end around on the campaign finance laws. It’ll be a tough battle, but I still believe that most of the Democrats not driven by Organizing for America (Obama’s permanent campaign organization) are going to be just as disgusted with him as I am.

  3. Wobbly one propagandised: “Where else is the GOP going to get campaign financing? All hail, Citizens United!”

    Partial list of Obama’s donors.

    How is the GE – Obama honeymoon going?
    The SEIU has a secret tunnel right to Obama’s office.
    Wobbly, you really need to quit getting your news from Chris Mathews.

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