On the Corner of Helena and November 6

It’s a different world out there and there are plenty of signs pointing to the direction this state and country will take after the election…

[Click to embiggen]


Yep, we can see November from my friend Bridget’s house – and it’s looking really good!!!

5 thoughts on “On the Corner of Helena and November 6

  1. I think I first saw it used on a blog about 4 years ago – seemed to fill a vocabulary void, so I use it when appropriate. Feel free to do likewise.

  2. Yard signs, polls, surverys, mailers, asking for money, ya’ just gotta’ Love the political season…..and you know what, I kinda’ do. This is going to be a fun elections and something tells me the GOP may be the ones driving the bus to the finish line this year! Love it…….:)

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