We Will Lose

Guest Post by Loki

Conservatives are in a tricky poker game with President Obama. We couldn’t manage to throw the worst president since Carter out of office. We again had the East coast conservatives picking a moderate candidate to run for office. But we also didn’t have any outstanding conservative candidates. This is simply amazing to me. Progressives can run a newly elected senator for president. Yet we can’t run a young conservative because they don’t have enough experience. The old guard hung onto their power, our loss.

Obama is a lousy president. But he is a great manipulator. He learned well from his Chicago thugs and his days as a community organizer. Because of this he threw Susan Rice out to carry the lie (Hillary was smart enough to leave the country) to the media. Then when the lie was exposed he ran to her defense. The media enthusiastically helped with calls of racism, sexism and old white men. He looked like a hero to the left. He will get who he wants to replace Hillary.

The narcissist in chief coming off his presidential win is cocky and pissed that Republicans would even run against him. He is now posed to get his way with the budget cliff. The media salivates in the wings waiting for Obama to signal the attack.

The Republicans have a very bad position. If a compromise is not achieved the media will blame them. If a compromise is achieved the media will throw accolades on Obama for the great victory. If the tax cuts expire and are re-written in 2013 they will then cease to be the Bush tax cuts and will become the Obama tax cuts. This will cure a long standing sore point with the progressives as they keep repeating the lie that the tax cuts only benefit the rich. Plus Obama will be able to shove Republican noses in the dirt as he raises taxes on the rich while ‘saving’ the poor.

Then Obama brings up the borrowing limit acting like he wants to be king and make laws from the oval office. This may be his only step over the line. His hubris has exceeded his abilities. On this one he will lose.

As Obama refuses to negotiate and waits for the conservatives to hang themselves the only solution I can see is capitulation. But it has to be done with finesse. Don’t vote, or vote present. Let Obama and the progressives get most of their way. Let him tax the rich. But keep the Bush tax cuts and keep them as Bush’s tax cuts.

The economy will not come booming back. It will continue to languish. Then call out the president and Reid. Ask them why the tax hikes have not stopped the deficit spending. Ask them why no recovery. Hammer them on their spending. Hammer them on the rising debt, the rising poor numbers, and the continuing unemployment. And keep it up till 2016.

The economy will eventually recover. Either excruciatingly slow under Obama or quickly under capitalism. And we want to be in control when it recovers.

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