Assault Weapon Attack

Guest Post by Loki

Unlike the progressives I decided to wait before discussing the tragedy in Newtown. The progressives called for gun control while the bodies’ still lay in the school. They will not hesitate to use any tragedy to further their goal of eliminating the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution. While they always call for civility and decorum they show none themselves.

The usual arguments were soon blaring on the TV news shows; the militia should have gun rights and not people, the framers of the Constitution could not have know about automatic (which are already illegal) weapons, nobody needs 30 round clips.

They try to frame the argument so they can argue against gun rights. Here are a few rebuttals.

The Constitution gives gun rights to the militia (National Guard). The government always has gun rights. They don’t need to have gun rights. To know that the framers of the Constitution meant the people all you have to do is read what they said to others and wrote. They wanted the people to remain free and the only way to assure that was to allow the people the ability to protect themselves from the government.

While it is true the framers of the Constitution could not foresee semi-automatic weapons they also could not foresee television or the internet. The progressives would howl if you tried to limit the media to moveable type and hand presses for their local papers.

Yes, nobody needs 10+ round magazines and assault weapons to protect themselves. Unless they are Asian store owners protecting their property from rioters in Los Angeles. Yet another false argument from the progressives. It is not up to the progressives or the government to decide what our requirements will be should the need arise.

Soon President Obama will be inaugurated. Thousands of Secret Service Agents and police will be guarding him with fully automatic weapons. Yet no progressive will ever say that they don’t need assault weapons to guard the President.

Progressives are elitists. They assume that the ‘common’ people are not intelligent enough to own weapons. That is why they live in gated communities with armed guards. And they see the 2nd Amendment as an impediment to government control of the people.

Finally a rather disturbing statistic that I guarantee will not be reported by the media. On average there were more children killed in abortion clinics in Connecticut every day of 2012. But no progressive will ever be against the false Constitutional right of abortion or the murder of those innocents.

4 thoughts on “Assault Weapon Attack

  1. I’m amused that if I take an old Russian made rife (Mosin Nagant), bolt action, holds 5 rounds, has a bayonet mount on it and I add a folding or telescoping stock, or even a pistol grip, I now have an “assault rifle” as defined by the 1994 assault weapons ban. Changing the way the rifle is held certainly makes it MUCH more lethal. And if I affix that bayonet, it is REALLY dangerous. Personally, I’d rather stay far enough away that the bayonet never gets used.

    The best gun for home protection is a 12ga shotgun firing #2 shot – that way you don’t shoot through your wall into your neighbor’s house or into your kid’s bedroom.

  2. I am rather fond of my Winchester Defender, 00 buck. At least the first 4 rounds. The last ones are slugs. Would love to get a laser sight for it. Or even a barrel mounted high intensity LED light.

    Anyone hearing the click-clatch of a 12 gauge being pumped and who is not already running for the door is an idiot.

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