New Year’s Musings

Guest post by Loki

It is a new year. And I have made a resolution. I will no longer be polite to the vermin progressives. I have listened to them call conservatives racists and make comparisons to Hitler long enough. Every day in the comment section of the Helena IR someone will take a pot shot at conservatives. So be forewarned, my comments shall be less polite and a lot more colorful.

Well we have a new governor. Steve Bullock. He says he is humbled to be our new governor. He should be impeached. He lied thru omission about his support for expansion of Medicare and support of Obamacare till after the election, he filed a false suit against Rick Hill to tie up campaign money and then dropped the phony suit after the election was won. And to top it all off he now requests bipartisanship.

I am afraid that we are getting an even bigger bully and liar then Schweitzer for our governor. Someone who thinks just like Obama you can manipulate the media to fight your battles while asking for compromise while giving none.

To hell with compromise. We elected Republican to push a conservative agenda. We hold the House and Senate. And Governor Bullock should just sign whatever laws are passed. He can compromise.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Musings

  1. When you figure out which health care program is potentially being expanded then I’ll consider taking you seriously.

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