Skeet Killing

Guest post by Loki

pigeonPresident Obama has finally confessed to his blood lust to shoot defenseless skeet. It has been revealed that he secretly goes to a hidden government installation (Camp David) where the government has paid to install a facility to allow the President to satisfy his blood sport. Domesticated skeet are kept captive in small confined rooms without adequate food or water. They are then released on command of the President so he can shoot these poor creatures with a high-powered assault shotgun. Shamelessly the ASPCA is complicit in covering this torture and killing of helpless skeet. It is reported that the President shoots hundreds of these poor skeet in an afternoon. Not only that but he wastes the skeet as they are not even used at the dinner table. Their lifeless bodies litter the killing field the President frequents – they’re not even collected to feed the poor.

It is also reported that the President forgoes the use of a single shot shotgun in favor of a rapid fire pump and occasionally the dreaded semi-automatic assault shotgun. These are suspected to have been secretly supplied to the President by the Secret Service as no records of the President ever purchasing a shotgun or ammo have ever been found.

It should also be noted that an irreplaceable natural resource (clay) is wasted for this blood sport. And the target area has become a toxic waste hazard littered with lead shot. Yet no EPA inspectors have ever been allowed to investigate. In fact no environmental study was ever done to determine the disastrous global impact this has created.

The President has gone to great lengths to cover up his blood sport. Though many have tried, the Secret Service has made sure that no photos have ever been taken of the President killing these defenseless creatures. In fact the entire facility is guarded day and night by secret government employees who don’t allow any inspections and keep all photographers away.

Further investigation has revealed allegations that he has also taken his children with him to witness the carnage. It is even suspected that he is encouraging his underage children to take up this blood sport. Suspected third-party purchase of ammo is alleged to supply the children as the children can not legally purchase ammo.

It is time for the President to come clean and allow inspections and for him to confess his dirty deeds.

3 thoughts on “Skeet Killing

  1. Side note;

    New photo released by White House shows Obama shooting skeet. Odd, since he is shooting horizontally and skeet are usually thrown UP in the air. Must have had it tied down so it wouldn’t get away before he shot it.

  2. I just hope the children won’t be encouraged to mimic the President and take up skeet shooting. I heard that the Feds are looking at making them an endangered species and this could cause a shortage.

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