The President’s Speech to Students

images Okay everyone, the draft of THE speech is out, and the overblown fears of those Americans who have come to mistrust this administration – with good cause – can be put to rest.

I just have one question: Who the hell wrote the introduction??? American kids are a pretty demanding audience – and the first three paragraphs of this speech are yawners. For such an exhaulted speechifier, the intro sure sucks on this one. If any kids are still listening after the first fifteen seconds, they will probably find the underlying message important, and – except for a few too many self-references – for the most part pretty good. I personally think that the little ones – Kindergarteners – 4th graders – are too young to sit through all the rhetoric, but the older kids – especially those in middle school/junior high – are exactly the targets for this “believe in yourself and work hard” message.

As a parent, though, I doubt that most school kids will really pay that much attention. He may be the President of the United States, but to a kid, he’s just another grown-up, and they stopped listening to grown-ups around the age of two.

So, for those of you who were concerned about a potentially anti-American message, don’t worry. The message is PG rated. And the audience is far more interested in who’s wearing what, who’s talking or not talking to whom, who’s cool and who’s not, and other really IMPORTANT things. NBD.

3 thoughts on “The President’s Speech to Students

  1. Not that I’m paranoid or anything. But are you sure that is the same speech he was planing on giving before the sh*t hit the fan. I heard the original had the students pledging to help the president. Now I don’t exactly know what they were to pledge to, but I suspect it might have been a bit left of center.

    I think it is really funny how the left is just claiming it is all innocent. Yet when Bush tried to do the same thing, well… they were claiming it was unamerican.

    Now we are racist hate mongers, but back then they were being sensible. Hypocricy.

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  3. You are right jlw….the original plan was a pitch to “help the president”….but changed focus when someone at the WH thought better of that focus. I think I read somewhere that person thought it might be construed as inappropriate. Ya think?

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