Sorry – That Card’s Expired

“What’s in your wallet?”

The Obama re-election organization has been less than successful in its effort to derail Herman Cain’s campaign. First they tried playing the race card, and saw that effort fall completely flat. Guess they can’t tell the difference between a real black American who grew up in the post-war South and the effeminate, elite, half white, half black product of a sixties Hawaiian, Indonesian, communist, anti-American culture. Fortunately, the American public is more keenly attuned to such subtleties. The race card sure didn’t buy them anything there. Time to put that one back and pull out and try something else.

Now, rumor has it that there is much angst and confusion about the failure of David Axelrod’s attempts to thwart the surging Cain campaign by dragging up a bunch of old, outdated, unsubstantiated, irrelevant charges of sexual harassment from his tenure at the National Restaurant Association. Ann Coulter has a great expose on the whole thing. She explains in detail just how and why the American public isn’t buying the bullpucky the Dems are throwing out there.

Evidently, there’s an expiration date on the Bimbo Card. Who knew?

The Bimbo Card – Not always there when you want it.

H/T to Chrissy’s Site Bites for the custom illustration!

4 thoughts on “Sorry – That Card’s Expired

  1. As you’ve noticed, Herman Cain scares the hell out of the Obama campaign.

    He’s out there, telling blacks that they don’t have to rely on the government, because they can be successful on their own. And he’s living proof.

    The Dems have spent decades trying to keep the minorities as a permanent voting bloc, promising them handouts, mostly doing nothing for them, but promising anyway, and now here comes a successful black man throwing a wrench into that philosophy.

    The Dems will move heaven & earth to stop Herman Cain, and the mainstream media will be their willing accomplice.

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