Of Bullocks and BS

Who knew that Montana’s 2012 election had such a Shakespearean quality about it? Let me explain…

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Or not.

We aren’t thinking star-crossed lovers here. More like “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”

But perhaps the first quote is more accurate than most realize. Consider:

bull·ock noun \ˈbu̇-lək also ˈbə-\ 1. A bull that has been gelded; a steer: 2. A bull that is not fully grown. 3. Biblical: The customary word for bulls offered in sacrifice

In other words, Montana’s democrat candidate for governor: An immature, impotent male destined to be slaughtered on the altar of party politics.

What has been clear to the audiences in all of the gubernatorial debates over the past few weeks is that there is a serious deficiency in experience and gravitas in Steve Bullock. Time after time, Rick Hill’s maturity, knowledge, and depth of experience have left Steve consternated and confused, befuddled and frustrated.

This is not something that should be a surprise to anyone. Steve is a young man with a very thin resume: Political appointee for Mike Cooney and Mike McGrath, a few years of private law practice, and four years as AG. “Young and dynamic” – all adjective, no verb. For a party with a dearth of top-tier candidates and a virtually non-existent second string, Steve was the strongest possible candidate this year for the state’s top job. Unfortunately, as was pointed out on this blog months ago, a defeat in this election is likely to destroy his political future. But, when your party calls, good little democrats willingly let themselves be sacrificed.

You think this is an exaggeration? Nay, not so.

Turning our attention to the subject of smelly things, let’s now focus on some real BS – a/k/a Brian Schweitzer.

In the recently published MSU-Billings Poll, Schweitzer’s approval rating was still over 60% – a not insignificant accomplishment for a modern politician after eight years in office – particularly one who has continually pissed off is held in such disdain by the majority of the state’s legislators. One would, therefore, expect that said popular politician would be out on the campaign trail stumping mightily for his fellow democrats. It’s not like this is a slam-dunk election for any of them, but certainly, the relatively unknown and underfunded Kim Whatshername could use a little political capital tossed her way. And in the biggest race of his life, Steve Bullock could definitely use some of Schweitzer’s help. But do we see Brian on the rubber chicken dinner circuit?

Nope, not so much.

In April he was in New York City hobnobbing with the likes of David Letterman, Howie Rich, and the Naked Cowboy. And – what do you know?!?! – at the Democratic National Convention last month, Big Bri was not just rousing the delegates with his customary schtick. There he was – literally! – flooring columnist Dave Barry with his hysterical instructions on… (wait for it)…

How to castrate bullocks.

Poor Steve.

“And there’s the humor of it”

3 thoughts on “Of Bullocks and BS

  1. Schweitzer is running for something. He is too busy boosting his public image. I just haven’t figured out what he is running for yet.

    Hillary might be out of a job soon. But BS doesn’t have the gravitas for international work.

    Pretty hard to replace Biden.

    Baucus????? Bullock gets elected, Baucus steps down, move BS in? It could happen.

    I just know BS is to busy. He is up to something.

    Just another reason not to vote for Bullock.

  2. I think Brian has visions of himself in the White House – God help us all.! In the fluff piece that was in the papers last week he was quoted as saying, “I’m too goofy to be in the House and not senile enough to be in the Senate…” However, I do know that the Baucus folks are really worried that he’s planning on taking on Max in two years. Wouldn’t surprise me, since I don’t think Romney will be putting him in the cabinet – LOL.

  3. Don’t forget Brian’s comments on the Don Dunwell report: ‘the one campaign I’m focused on is the Steve Bullock race. . . don’t want all my accomplishments to unravel. . .

    Re Baucus: why do you think he came out so early with his intentions to run again in 2016? A little message to the mouth in the east wing..

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