Election Fraud in Montana – A Whole New Way to Cheat

The uproar over voter fraud by democrat candidates and operatives hit a high note yesterday when intrepid conservative activist James O’Keefe published a video of Virginia Rep. Jim Moran’s son and campaign director conspiring with an undercover reporter to create phony IDs so someone could vote more than once. The Virginia Attorney General immediately announced an investigation, and there is even word that the FBI might be brought in. Pffft. Ordinary stuff.

Let it not be said that good old Montana – land of the Copper Kings – can’t compete in the big leagues of political corruption, however. Such things as illegal voter registration, absentee ballot fraud, and other such nefarious schemes are no more than junior high pranks in comparison with the sophisticated scandal our own Democrats have put together. The Fat Lady will break crystal hitting this note.

And at the heart of the whole mess is a Helena District Court judge – Kathy Seeley.

Prior to her 2008 election to the bench, Seeley was a 25 year Assistant Attorney General in the Attorney General’s office. The 2008 election was hotly contested, but Seeley, who up to then was a political sleeper, emerged victorious with bipartisan support.

Fast-foward to 2012. Turns out our good judge is a bonafide democrat party hack.

Following the SCOTUS’ decision in Citizens United, rendering the 1912 law limiting the rights of free speech for corporations unconstitutional, Montana democrats have had their knickers in a major knot – one they just can’t seem to get past. Then in a subsequent lawsuit challenging the legality of Montana’s campaign contribution limits, U S District Judge Charles Lovell struck down those limits on October 6. Before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Lovell’s ruling a mere six days later, the Montana GOP donated a tidy sum to the — shock! — republican candidates for governor and attorney general. Well, if that just didn’t frost the libbie’s cupcakes!

Steve Bullock – who, by the way, has just been found guilty of serious campaign violations and is facing thousands of dollars in fines – broke land speed records in filing a lawsuit to have the contributions to Hill’s campaign declared illegal. Both Bullock and Bucy are trailing significantly and plain old ordinary election fraud will never be enough to get them into the win column.

A secret weapon of the megaton variety was called for:

Here come da judges

Federal judge Dana Christensen and Helena’s own Kathy Seeley. These two give a whole new meaning to the term “activist judges.”

First, Judge Christensen denied Hill’s request to move the hearing on Bullock’s suit to federal court, which seems like the logical and reasonable venue since the original suit seemed to have sufficient standing for a federal judge to rule on it and the federal court of appeals deigned to throw their two cents in on it. But, no – Hizzoner, who was appointed to the bench less than a year ago by Barack Obama and has a record of overwhelmingly supporting democrat and liberal candidates for office, tossed the ball right back to cute little Kathy Seeley – who didn’t have such an obvious and well-known political bent.

Ta-da!!! The stealth judge!

And in less time than it takes to say “political corruption,” their little time bomb went off like a good little IED is supposed to. Without any kind of hearing, law or case citations, Seeley issued an unprecedented ruling:

In her order, Seeley said Hill and his campaign “are temporarily restrained from spending, using or realizing any benefit from the campaign contributions in excess of the aggregate amounts permitted by (state law).”

She ordered Hill and his campaign “to stop any agents, such as media buyers to whom these funds in whole or in part have been transferred, from proceeding to purchase any media time with these funds or otherwise benefit the Hill campaign through the use of the funds.”

“Insofar as advertisements have been purchased with these funds and are set to air immediately, they must be canceled,” Seeley ordered.

Wowzer. Anyone want to bet how she’s gonna rule at the hearing on Monday? If you said “in favor of her former boss/co-workers and BFFs Bullock and Bucy,” you’d be in the running for the title of Captain Obvious.

Yep. The future former Judge Seeley just gave her buddies huge — as in about $530,000 worth — of in-kind contributions! For my out-of-state readers, that may not be big stuff where you come from, but it’s serious campaign cash in big Sky Country! In Bucy’s case, the hit for her is like a 63% increase in her cash on hand. For Bullock, it covers the probable fines and costs from the various campaign finance violations he’s already been convicted of and at least one that is still pending.

You just have to hand it to the Montana democrats – they do know how to cheat – and cheat big! None of that silly little voter ID stuff for these guys – they know those tricks won’t work here. They get real creative and go for the gusto. I mean if you can’t pull in a favor or two when you need ’em from the folks you put on the federal and state benches… duh!?!?!?

But conservatives have learned to take the punches and fight through ’em. So for those of you who think it’s time we stopped these corrupt politicians and judges, join me in supporting the money bombs for:

Rick Hill:


Tim Fox:

We can’t let dishonest politicians and judges destroy our country and our state. Fight real election fraud in Montana – and stop it before it spreads to other states!!!!

3 thoughts on “Election Fraud in Montana – A Whole New Way to Cheat

  1. As screwed up as the COPP and their records are, I almost . . . almost . . . had a moment of sympathy for Bullock. And it makes me curious – is the COPP, led by Democrat-hack Murry, actually going to proceed on these complaints against Bullock? I don’t think I will hold my breath.

    This is good reporting, and entertaining too.

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