Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Guest post by Loki

(Hat tip to Rush and finger in the eye to libs)

At least that is what one would think if you look at the female single under 30 voters.

According to polling the under 30 single female voters voted for President Obama because he would take care of them. Political ads showed women losing their voter virginity to someone special who would give them free birth control pills. And should they get pregnant then the President would take care of them just like the ‘Life of Julia’ ad. The government would give you the day after pill, should that fail they will help you raise your child and support you through to your retirement.

Hurray… women are finally free of men. The government will take care of them.

Obviously they don’t understand the financial and emotional destruction of their lives that single motherhood can bring to them. And welfare is definitely not the answer.

The thought that so many women can be fooled by these lies is utterly frightening. How can conservatives convince them to vote Republican when they believe in the fairy tales of the Democrats? Is this demographic forever unattainable by conservatives because we won’t lie to women?

Younger women must have been taught that they are helpless and doomed if they can not get the government or a man to support or protect them. I guess the National Organization of Women has utterly failed in freeing women. That is if that was their goal and not to make women dependent on the government. It is obviously a failure of the school system to educate them to be ready for the real world. These results seem to confirm the sexist ideas that women are completely ruled by emotions and not logic. At least till they have matured.

Older women tend to be more conservative and vote on logic and what is good for their family. They obviously have learned how to spot the lies and the reality of life. They probably heard the lies too many times before.

So does this mean that the under 30 single female demographic is forever out of reach to conservatives. I have no clue, because I was raised to respect women and not lie to them to get my way. And I have no idea how to appeal to adults that still believes in Santa.

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