Liberal Dichotomy (Or Why I Can’t Ever Be a Liberal)

Guest post by Loki

I have always been confused how liberals are against the death penalty for people who torture and kill men, women and children like Joseph Duncan yet are for abortion and can not see any relation in the two ideas. Somehow in their mind a man who kills a family with a hammer so he can turn children into sex slaves and then rapes and murders one of the children deserves to live. Yet third trimester abortion is just the elimination of a bunch of cells.

These very same people also disgustingly cheer Christopher Dorner and make him a hero for killing innocents claiming he is standing up to the police. There of course being absolutely no evidence that Dorner’s claims are true but this is still justified in their minds. Yet these same liberals favor gun control and want only the police to have guns to protect them. If they distrust the police so much why do they trust their lives to the police?

They also think making sanctuary cities for illegal aliens and disobeying the law is ok while sheriffs saying they won’t obey illegal gun control laws is bad.

It just does not make any sense. It seems like there is absolutely no logic in their decisions only random feelings steering their decisions.

I just don’t understand how anyone can live with these conflicts of ideas and morals. In fact their attacks against President Bush for drones while cheering President Obama for his use of drones makes me think they have no standards to live by… just feelings.

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