Liberals Hate Guns

(at least for citizens and not their own body guards)

Guest Post by Loki

Well the liberals are at it again trying to tell women what they are limited to in protecting themselves against rape. From Democrat politicians telling women that they can’t really handle guns and they might “…Pop a round at somebody…” and that they should instead use a whistle or go to a safe zone. Interesting… women should have the right to do with their own body as a matter of privacy unless they are trying to stop someone from raping them. Then they ‘just don’t be smart enough to know what their doing’. The University of Colorado actually suggested urination as a defense of rape. I don’t think they understand the word ‘rape’ let alone what a rapist wants. I guess liberals just think ‘women be too stupid to handle guns’. Besides they have made sure that if a woman gets raped she can just take the day after pill and fix everything. That is if she forgot to take her government supplied birth control pill. That or she can get an abortion and everything will be fixed. See all better little girl!

Then we have VP Biden’s extraordinary views of self defense and lack of knowledge on guns. He thinks that all his little woman has to do is shoot the shotgun off the balcony to scare away the rapists or intruders. Because all women must have balconies. Of course that will scare away an intruder in his rural neighborhood if any of the neighbors hear the shots or haven’t been shot by his wife randomly shooting off the balcony. Hopefully the wife will have not forgotten where old Joe hid the extra shotgun rounds now that she has used up all of her ammunition and now has a funny looking stick instead of a weapon. Joe must really hate his wife not even allowing her a pump shotgun with a few extra rounds. That or he is afraid she will ‘pop somebody off’. And we certainly don’t want her to shoot and kill an intruder, after all he is probably a liberal voter.

Old Joe made sure not to mention a semi-auto shotgun because that might be considered an assault weapon. Funny he never thought to leave her a Glock for protection. Much easier to shoot than an AR-15 or a shotgun. But then the Glock would have more than 10 rounds and would have been banned in Joe’s world. You know Joe a Glock with a mounted flashlight would probably help her distinguish an intruder from you… or maybe that is what you are afraid of?

I guess it just shows that liberals are more concerned for the welfare of rapists over their own wives and daughters. But then old Joe thinks he has a chance in 2016… so he is delusional.


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