Pope Francis

Guest post by Loki


The world has a new Pope. Pope Francis was elected.

This is highly disappointing to the left wing media. For weeks they pushed for the Catholic Church to change and adopt their liberal ideas. They said the Catholic Church had to adapt to the new world and new ideas and liberal standards.

But the Cardinals disappointed the left wing media and did not elect an atheist transgendered lesbian to be Pope. And the left wing media fumed. They wrung their hands and looked for stories to discredit the new Pope.

But Pope Francis took his place as the leader of the Catholic Church and the people cheered. And the media could not understand why the Cardinals did not capitulate and why the people cheered. Because they really don’t understand religion and morals. They think that like our Constitution the Catholic Church can be changed to meet their ‘progressive’ ideals of how they should operate if they just run enough news stories.

So the media is frustrated and I am smiling.

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