(Or the left shills for Obama again)

Guest post by Loki

I don’t usually watch the Oscars. Watching a bunch of rich left wing elitists give themselves awards for being rich left wing elitists is really boring. Plus the winners usually shouldn’t win. The best picture is usually some social commentary visage that does poorly at the box office but makes Hollywood feel prescient. But I ran out of things to watch on my DVR and it was close to bed time, so I watched the last bit from the comfort of my covers.

Now I have heard and read the rumors that the Hollywood elitists were embarrassed with “Zero Dark Thirty” (ZDT) because in some small way it confirmed that water boarding makes people talk. And I have watched the earlier awards and read comments from the film community pumping up “Argo’ while denigrating ZDT. I am sure they were also trying to resurrect President Carter’s failed presidency while trying to bury President Bush’s presidency. Having watch neither film yet I can not absolutely be sure if another great film was ruined because of Hollywood’s political correctness.

But I am absolutely sure of one thing. First Lady Obama would never ever make the movie of the year presentation if there were even the remotest chance of ZDT winning. Actor in Chief Obama being the astute community organizer and devotee to Hollywood and Washington image control would not have allowed that to happen. So the political fix was in and ZDT was buried, and buried a long time ago. Because it would have taken months to co-ordinate between the White House and the Oscar ceremonies. Which means the winner was known months ago. That can only happen if the outcome has been fixed.

ObamaOscarSo President Obama has now stooped to working with Hollywood elitists at fixing the Oscars for political purposes while he continues to act at being president. Fiscal cliff, unemployment or the world itself all take second place to President Obama getting free golf lessons and looking good. Maybe next year the Oscars will have an award for best acting as president award.

3 thoughts on “Oscars

  1. Excellent.

    I am native born (Sidney) and raised in Butte. I am a staunch libertarian and owner of the renowned Frankenstein Government blog. I stumbled in here through the Bard of Murdock’s portal.

    I nearly puked when I saw Michelle Obama inject herself in to the Oscars. Never thought about your premise that the results were already baked in to that cake- but it kind of makes sense.

    For a guy raised in Jakarta, a young man who nobody knows who paid for his education nor did he ever have a job or a girlfriend apparently, missing passports and college transcripts, a law degree that he never tried a case with and surrendered, and books he never really wrote. The Obamas’ are the greatest fraud ever foisted on this land.

    I have added you to my blogroll. I always like Helena and Carroll College- a lot of the homies went there.

    • Hi Frank!

      Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere and thanks for the link. I’m heading over your way to return the favor! My family is from Butte, so I’ve always felt like I can call Butte home too. There are two of us here – I started this blog in 2006, and my buddy Loki joined up a while back when I was too busy (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) to blog. Thank heavens for him or I would have lost my audience totally!

      Feel free to comment on anything – you’ve been “pre-approved”! :-).

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