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Guest post by Loki

seal pup

I was listening to KBLL radio the other day when they had a story from ABC news on how Mark Kelly (Gabby Gifford’s husband) tried to save a baby seal from a dog. The ABC story was calling him a hero. But I know that KBLL and ABC news are far left liberals. So I did further investigation on the internet.

I found out that the dog was actually a family pet of the Kelly family. So I dug deeper and actually found the original ABC story before they found out who was the owner of the dog. The following is their original story when they thought the owner was a conservative gun owner. Trust me☺. I wouldn’t make a story up like ABC news or fawn over it like KBLL radio.

Original ABC news story;

A tragedy struck the beaches of Laguna Beach today. A know gun nut and assault weapon owner was with his extremist daughter on Laguna Beach. The daughter owns a dog known to be of a vicious nature was walking the dog on the beach endangering innocent sunbathers and their children. The dog attacked a seal pup innocently lying on the beach sunning itself. Unconfirmed reports say that the daughter of the gun nut purposely turned the dog loose. Whatever the case, the result was that the dog viciously and mercilessly attacked the seal pup leading to its painful death. The father of the daughter immediately helped his daughter remove the dog from the scene of this vicious and unprovoked attack. The owner of this lethal dog and her unknown father have as yet been identified.

And that is how the news media would spin the truth for conservatives. Honest.

3 thoughts on “News Story Spin

  1. The problem with your Snark attack is it is hateful. Gaby Giffords was a well respected person in our Community, a Republican State. Both Republicans and Democrats voted her in office. She worked for the people. The gun totters will need their guns, cause I am sure the Mexican Mafia is everywhere. They are in Tucson. Too bad that our State Legislature played free with guns, even trying to put them in bars. As always the idiots dig their own grave.

  2. Lass in Tucson

    Snark attack. First attack by name calling demeaning the writer and his motives.

    Diversion. Reframe the agenda. If possible use women and or children for cover and sympathy. Giffords was mentioned in passing because she was married to the main subject of the story. This was used to help identify the subject to the reader in case they didn’t know who the subject (Kelly) was. Redefine the subject of the article to gain the moral and emotional high ground.

    Gun totters. Demean the writer and followers by name calling and attacking their beliefs.

    Mexican Mafia. Obfuscate the story by bringing up unrelated subjects. This could be interpreted as racism since you are demeaning both Hispanics and Italians. Hadn’t you heard. You can’t use “Mafia” ever since “The Godfather” and “The Sopranos”.

    Idiots and their graves. Attack and demean the writer and followers again insinuating that their beliefs are dangerous.

    I can’t decide if you are a bona fide follower of Saul Alinski, an antigun nut, or just a democrat shill who volunteered or was paid to search the websites with a disinformation campaign.

    You obviously ignored the subject of the story which was the double standard of the media in reporting stories.

    Or maybe I am wrong and you are just a kneejerk liberal who writes on their emotions and not the facts.

    What ever the reason I really got a laugh from your retort. Now quick, go back to the cabal and get help from your leaders so you and they can return and ‘re-educate us poor misguided followers of conservatism. Because I don’t believe you are the leader of the pack,… just a follower.

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