Bait and Switch Polling

Guest post by Loki

I’m a bit late with this opinion.

Recently the Obama News Network has been pushing a poll on the infamous Obamacare. When people were asked about each part of Obamacare separately, i.e., no upper limits, children on insurance till they qualify for Medicare (or something like that) that people were in favor of the parts.

That is about as silly as sh*t and as obvious as the media’s support of President Obama. Because the next half of the question is never asked. Would you also like your children to live in a bankrupt country paying huge taxes to pay for your current healthcare? Would you like to convert the country to European socialism? Would you like to make mediocrity the life long goal for your children?

The poll is as silly as going to a school ground and asking all the little boys and girls if they would like a pony. Of course they would. But they don’t have to feed the hay-burners, their parents get that bill. There is the bait, the Obamacare individual parts and the switch, foisting the payment into the future and your children. It is like going to the car dealership and getting your hearts desire and not asking about payments and signing your children’s name to the contract.

Just another example of the collusion between the President and the media. And the simplistic greed of the public.

3 thoughts on “Bait and Switch Polling

  1. Another logical parallel to your column today is:
    Do you want roads? yes.
    Do you want water and sewer? yes
    Do you want government? no.

  2. Brian:

    Not even. Obamacare was sold as a savings but has been a cost increase and a logistical disaster full of cronyism, special deals, delays and union payoffs. None of which the public was informed of ahead of time. It was also sold as a plan to help the uninsured but it is really a forced insurance program.

    It will force low income people to public health insurance (which was the real plan) to make them more dependent on the government and guarantee more votes for Democrats. Reducing everyone’s freedom.

    Besides which it was a strictly partisan Democrat bill pushed against the will of the public who were and still are against Obamacare.

    When you vote for public services there are hearings were the costs are explained ahead of time.

    Not really a parallel, more askew. But thanks for your DNC talking points.

  3. Brian:
    Per your example…

    Do you want free meals?
    Do you want free medical care?
    Do you want free clothing?

    Your cell is waiting.

    That is how Obamacare was sold.

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