Apples and Cabbage

Guest post by Loki

IMG_7963_edited-1I have noticed that the gun control advocates have been using the limits to the 1st amendment to justify limits of the 2nd amendment.

But the comparison are not equal and are like comparing apples to cabbage, even more lame than comparing apples to oranges. Examples below. Post others if you think of them.

Limit on free speech, you can’t yell fire in a theater. Yes, but you actually have to yell fire first, we don’t ban free speech before you commit the crime. Plus if you are found guilty of yelling fire in a theater you retain your right to free speech while in prison and after your release.

You can’t slander or libel someone. Well you can’t shoot or shoot at someone either. But those are felonies and slander and libel are civil laws. Not even an equal comparison. Plus if you slander or libel someone they don’t take away your free speech. Shoot at someone and they take away your rights to guns forever.

Free speech does not come with prerequisites. You don’t have to have a background check to see if you are sane or intelligent enough to speak. Joe Biden is a perfect example of lack of checks.

Free speech does not have limits on how fast you can talk or how fast you type or how much you talk. You can get the fastest computer and put out your words with no limits. Guns… not so much.

Free speech allows the public to take advantage of the newest technologies with no restrictions. New gun technology has to be checked before allowing public use.

You can take free speech with you into a bank, a church, a courthouse, on a plane or anywhere else you please.

You can disrupt others trying to exercise their rights to free speech using your rights to free speech without repercussion on any campus in the country. Just ask Ann Coulter how many times she has been yelled at while speaking.

If you rob a bank you keep your rights to free speech. But they take your guns away. But they also take your guns away for embezzlement, fraud, felony DUI, or any other felony.

You can take your free speech across state lines with no problem. Take your guns across state lines and you might be in trouble.

There are no limits to free speech because it might be scary. They want to limit “assault weapons” because they look scary.

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