Democrats’ Real War on Women

Guest Post by Loki

We keep hearing about how the Republicans are waging a war on women. Bullsh*t.

It is the Democrats. They realized that young single women tend to vote Democrat and older married women tend to vote Republican. That was when they figured out that dependent women relied on the government while married women relied on their husbands.

So first they had to create a permanent single women voting bloc. They told women that they didn’t need men. They could have it all. They could have a job, have children and never get married. Marriage was a tired old religious belief that made women serfs to their husbands. But it is nearly impossible to have a job and children without a spouse. The women needed government assistance. But once they were on government assistance they found it was nearly impossible to stop. By then the government was providing them food, housing and medical. And if they tried to rejoin the workforce they lost all their support. The men realized they couldn’t afford to marry women on government assistance because of the massive cost of taking on a family. Besides they could have all of the benefits without the responsibility and if the woman got pregnant the government would take care of that problem.

Don’t believe me. Look at the “The Life of Julia” the government put out. A man is not a part of her life (which makes me wonder how she has children). The government becomes the titular head of the household and the woman supports the government because she is now dependent on government support. A wicked circle.

Now that is the real war on women, enslavement for votes and keeping them enslaved in fear of the government not being there for support.

This also tends to explain minorities voting Democrat hoping for a future and instead getting lifelong dependence.

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