How Long?

Guest post by Loki

Well I was reading about how the liberals were celebrating Hitler’s birthday (April 20th) in Colorado this week. Oh wait, that was wrong, conservatives were supposed to be celebrating when they bombed the marathon in Boston. Or at least that was what the liberals and media talking heads were hoping. Well hoping is not exactly right. They were trying to blame the bombing on tax day, Hitler’s birthday, Waco, Timothy McVeigh… well anything that they falsely associate conservatives with. ‘Til of course the actual bombers were revealed to be ‘peace’ loving Muslim terrorists.

2013-04-21T013543Z_1588926680_GM1E94L0QJL01_RTRMADP_3_USA-MARIJUANAAnyway back to the narrative, the liberals were celebrating pot legalization ‘On a dark and stormy night’, no wait, it was the middle of the day. When the ‘peaceful’ rally was disrupted by gunfire. At least three were wounded. Which is like a gazillion times more than have ever been wounded by gunfire at those ‘evil hate filled’ Tea Party rallies.

Which just confuses me, I thought the meme was that pot smokers were peaceful? They wouldn’t be lying about that would they?

I wonder how long it will be before the ‘peace loving’ pot addicts will start making weekly trips to Montana because of our relative closeness. How many Montana addicts will be making the drive to Colorado to load up the minivan and return to Montana to become dealers to support their habits? Lots I’m betting. Spreading their ‘peaceful’ ways into out schools and society.

I will now fear public transportation and worry how my food is being prepared in the local restaurants and fast food joints. I will also have to avoid ‘peaceful’ pot rallies and go to those dangerous Tea Party rallies… which are much safer.

p.s. I have several pot heads in the family. Their world revolves around pot, booze and other related drugs. So before you liberals start with the anecdotal examples don’t bother. I hate to be bored.

Interesting side note. When I searched for a picture to go with this story I looked for “Pot sellers”, and the liberal Google site returned pictures of people selling clay pots. So lame.

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