A Question or Two…

Guest post by Loki

By now we are pretty familiar with the Tsarnaev family. We know that the father and mother sought refugee status in the USA and brought their two children with them.

We know that a lot of questions are being asked and the Obama administration is doing their best to cover their collective asses. But I have a few questions that are not being asked by the media that I think should be answered.

• If Dagestan was so terrible why did the parents go back?
• If the USA was so terrible that the parents left why did the leave their children in such a horrible country?
• Did the parents ever hold a legitimate job or were they always on welfare?
• How did any of them get the money to make these trips back and forth to Dagestan?
• Did the family ever plan on becoming American citizens or was their plan always to eventually go back?
• If their plan was always to go back then why did they come here in the first place?
• Is lax revue of refugees being used to infiltrate America?
• Were any of the family registered to vote and with which party did they identify?

So far questions that are unanswered are all we have. But will there ever by any answers or will this be just another Bengasi cover up.

We know the Justice Department under Holder ruined the questioning of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by Mirandizing him only 16 hours into the 48 hour limit and without telling the FBI in advance. What other road blocks will they throw up to cover their asses? And will they be able to delay answers till after the 2014 election?

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