Three Ring Circus with Monkeys

Guest post by Loki

three monkeysThe scandal feast that is the President Obama administration continues to entertain me on these lazy spring days. Watching the Democrats who screamed murder when President Bush wiretapped a few calls to Arab countries now commit inhuman contortions to justify President Obama’s massive collection of all US phone calls is a performance worthy of Cirque du Soleil. It is fun watching the three unknowing apes that is the Democrat party morph into an urban gorilla (thanks Inspector Lewis) in defense of President Obama.

And then of course the Democrats pay homage to the two greatest presidents in recent history, Presidents Bush and Regan, by trying to blame them. Imagine how great Presidents Bush and Regan were that they are still able to run the country and keep President Obama blameless after being out of office for years… or even dead.

But we have a greater problem that the Republicans (with the exception of a few) are also supporting this massive intrusion into our freedom by way of government snooping. Democrats have tried to justify this expensive collection of our phone records by saying that it has already stopped one terrorist attack, as yet unproven. That is like justifying using a tank to kill the lone mouse in the house. But since this operation has been exposed the terrorists will change their modus opereandi and not use registered phones ever again.

That means that the draugnaut built to watch terrorist will be left to watch Americans. And it’s equally sinister brother Prism will monitor our emails and internet usage and his evil twin sister the USPS will record who we send letters to.

The sycophants defend this intrusion by saying that only metadata is collected. But metadata can reveal our innermost secrets. And with the liberals insatiable desire to control those they feel are incompetent to run their own lives (everyone but them) this intrusion is beyond devastating. One can only imagine that someone in the IRS sees your medical records and decides you are 10 pounds over weight and checks your metadata. He sees that you call the local pizza delivery once a week and that your receive coupons from the local fast burger joint as a loyal customer. He quickly bumps your medical insurance rates up and contacts your Medicare doctor (the real goal of Obamacare) who orders you on a diet. They also cancel your subscription to Gourmet magazine. He also sees you received your NRA and GOP membership cards and notifies the FBI and Homeland Security that you are a terrorist risk.

The Democrats are supporting this intrusion for control of the people while the Republicans are supporting it for protection of the country. They are both wrong. This will become a yoke for enslaving the country.

And now I await the rest of this Three-Ring-Circus with the justification for prosecuting Bradley Manning while justifying the actions of Edward Snowden.

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