Unequal and Biased

UnknownPaula Deen is in the news lately for saying a “forbidden” word 30 years ago. Even though it was not forbidden at the time. She has lost endorsements and publishing deals. She is being vilified in the press. All while her incompetent team further implicates her on her apology tour.

Alec Baldwin is also in trouble again! He made a “homophobic slur” this week but he is not in nearly as much trouble.

The question is why the disparity. I have an opinion. It is because Paula is not liberal enough. Granted she is a Democrat supporter and gave to the Obama presidential campaign. But her cooking show has not convinced the liberals she is down with the party. She has not mentioned the NAACP on her show or come out with cooking for the lesbian. The liberals just didn’t know she wasn’t a conservative. That and she doesn’t support low fat cooking with little or no meat and she uses (gasp) salt.

But don’t worry. Jessie Jackson has said she can be saved. And right after she donates a large enough sum to his Rainbow PUSH coalition he will declare her forgiven. That is unless the Rev. Sharpton beats him to the donation line.

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