Apples and Cabbage

Guest post by Loki

IMG_7963_edited-1I have noticed that the gun control advocates have been using the limits to the 1st amendment to justify limits of the 2nd amendment.

But the comparison are not equal and are like comparing apples to cabbage, even more lame than comparing apples to oranges. Examples below. Post others if you think of them.

Limit on free speech, you can’t yell fire in a theater. Yes, but you actually have to yell fire first, we don’t ban free speech before you commit the crime. Plus if you are found guilty of yelling fire in a theater you retain your right to free speech while in prison and after your release.

You can’t slander or libel someone. Well you can’t shoot or shoot at someone either. But those are felonies and slander and libel are civil laws. Not even an equal comparison. Plus if you slander or libel someone they don’t take away your free speech. Shoot at someone and they take away your rights to guns forever.

Free speech does not come with prerequisites. You don’t have to have a background check to see if you are sane or intelligent enough to speak. Joe Biden is a perfect example of lack of checks.

Free speech does not have limits on how fast you can talk or how fast you type or how much you talk. You can get the fastest computer and put out your words with no limits. Guns… not so much.

Free speech allows the public to take advantage of the newest technologies with no restrictions. New gun technology has to be checked before allowing public use.

You can take free speech with you into a bank, a church, a courthouse, on a plane or anywhere else you please.

You can disrupt others trying to exercise their rights to free speech using your rights to free speech without repercussion on any campus in the country. Just ask Ann Coulter how many times she has been yelled at while speaking.

If you rob a bank you keep your rights to free speech. But they take your guns away. But they also take your guns away for embezzlement, fraud, felony DUI, or any other felony.

You can take your free speech across state lines with no problem. Take your guns across state lines and you might be in trouble.

There are no limits to free speech because it might be scary. They want to limit “assault weapons” because they look scary.

Democrats’ Real War on Women

Guest Post by Loki

We keep hearing about how the Republicans are waging a war on women. Bullsh*t.

It is the Democrats. They realized that young single women tend to vote Democrat and older married women tend to vote Republican. That was when they figured out that dependent women relied on the government while married women relied on their husbands.

So first they had to create a permanent single women voting bloc. They told women that they didn’t need men. They could have it all. They could have a job, have children and never get married. Marriage was a tired old religious belief that made women serfs to their husbands. But it is nearly impossible to have a job and children without a spouse. The women needed government assistance. But once they were on government assistance they found it was nearly impossible to stop. By then the government was providing them food, housing and medical. And if they tried to rejoin the workforce they lost all their support. The men realized they couldn’t afford to marry women on government assistance because of the massive cost of taking on a family. Besides they could have all of the benefits without the responsibility and if the woman got pregnant the government would take care of that problem.

Don’t believe me. Look at the “The Life of Julia” the government put out. A man is not a part of her life (which makes me wonder how she has children). The government becomes the titular head of the household and the woman supports the government because she is now dependent on government support. A wicked circle.

Now that is the real war on women, enslavement for votes and keeping them enslaved in fear of the government not being there for support.

This also tends to explain minorities voting Democrat hoping for a future and instead getting lifelong dependence.

Bait and Switch Polling

Guest post by Loki

I’m a bit late with this opinion.

Recently the Obama News Network has been pushing a poll on the infamous Obamacare. When people were asked about each part of Obamacare separately, i.e., no upper limits, children on insurance till they qualify for Medicare (or something like that) that people were in favor of the parts.

That is about as silly as sh*t and as obvious as the media’s support of President Obama. Because the next half of the question is never asked. Would you also like your children to live in a bankrupt country paying huge taxes to pay for your current healthcare? Would you like to convert the country to European socialism? Would you like to make mediocrity the life long goal for your children?

The poll is as silly as going to a school ground and asking all the little boys and girls if they would like a pony. Of course they would. But they don’t have to feed the hay-burners, their parents get that bill. There is the bait, the Obamacare individual parts and the switch, foisting the payment into the future and your children. It is like going to the car dealership and getting your hearts desire and not asking about payments and signing your children’s name to the contract.

Just another example of the collusion between the President and the media. And the simplistic greed of the public.

News Story Spin

Guest post by Loki

seal pup

I was listening to KBLL radio the other day when they had a story from ABC news on how Mark Kelly (Gabby Gifford’s husband) tried to save a baby seal from a dog. The ABC story was calling him a hero. But I know that KBLL and ABC news are far left liberals. So I did further investigation on the internet.

I found out that the dog was actually a family pet of the Kelly family. So I dug deeper and actually found the original ABC story before they found out who was the owner of the dog. The following is their original story when they thought the owner was a conservative gun owner. Trust me☺. I wouldn’t make a story up like ABC news or fawn over it like KBLL radio.

Original ABC news story;

A tragedy struck the beaches of Laguna Beach today. A know gun nut and assault weapon owner was with his extremist daughter on Laguna Beach. The daughter owns a dog known to be of a vicious nature was walking the dog on the beach endangering innocent sunbathers and their children. The dog attacked a seal pup innocently lying on the beach sunning itself. Unconfirmed reports say that the daughter of the gun nut purposely turned the dog loose. Whatever the case, the result was that the dog viciously and mercilessly attacked the seal pup leading to its painful death. The father of the daughter immediately helped his daughter remove the dog from the scene of this vicious and unprovoked attack. The owner of this lethal dog and her unknown father have as yet been identified.

And that is how the news media would spin the truth for conservatives. Honest.

A Compromise to Consider

Ok – I know many nouveau conservatives have a visceral reaction to the word “compromise” but I have a news flash for you – COMPROMISE – is how governing happens. Smart compromise allows all parties to leave the negotiation without feeling like they’ve been taken to the cleaners. Strategic compromise takes the concept to a whole ‘nuther level that leaves the other guy accepting what he asked for, but maybe in not quite the way he anticipated receiving it.

Let me share an example of how this might work as the Montana Senate grapples with HB2. One of the most controversial issues facing the Republican majority is the Democrats’ passionate commitment to the Title X funding for women’s healthcare. Because the current proposal calls for the money to go to Planned Parenthood, the fiscal and social conservatives are united in their equally passionate opposition to the idea. Which means that the Republicans can win this struggle – but they would end up being vulnerable to the Democrats’ “War on Women” charge – which, as we saw last November, is a fairly potent weapon. This is shaping up to be THE issue that could blow up the whole session.

The requested appropriation is for $4.5 million dollars for the biennium to fund such things as contraception, mammograms, PAP tests, and other “female plumbing” care. This amounts to about $35 per year for the 66,000 Montana women who currently live below the poverty level. The liberals have crossed their hearts – hope to die, stick a needle in my eye – that not one penny will be spent for abortions. But the Pro-Life lobby just has a real problem believing that money sent to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider will only be used for approved services.

I suggest the Republicans agree to fund the full amount, but offer it in the form of vouchers issued directly to eligible women that can be redeemed for allowable services or products through county health departments, licensed physicians, or pharmacies. This has the added benefit of providing this important care to women all over the state – not just those in Billings, Great Falls, Missoula, and Helena where PP is located.

Seems pretty much a win-win proposition to me. The Republican majority gives the Democrat minority the full amount they’re asking for, but changes the recipient from an organization the conservative voters generally find distasteful to the actual persons who need the assistance and will use the funding only for the uses intended.

Are the Democrats so tied to Planned Parenthood that they can walk away from millions of dollars in funding for women’s healthcare? Would the governor be willing to veto that line item?

Might be worth finding out…


Pope Francis

Guest post by Loki


The world has a new Pope. Pope Francis was elected.

This is highly disappointing to the left wing media. For weeks they pushed for the Catholic Church to change and adopt their liberal ideas. They said the Catholic Church had to adapt to the new world and new ideas and liberal standards.

But the Cardinals disappointed the left wing media and did not elect an atheist transgendered lesbian to be Pope. And the left wing media fumed. They wrung their hands and looked for stories to discredit the new Pope.

But Pope Francis took his place as the leader of the Catholic Church and the people cheered. And the media could not understand why the Cardinals did not capitulate and why the people cheered. Because they really don’t understand religion and morals. They think that like our Constitution the Catholic Church can be changed to meet their ‘progressive’ ideals of how they should operate if they just run enough news stories.

So the media is frustrated and I am smiling.


(Or the left shills for Obama again)

Guest post by Loki

I don’t usually watch the Oscars. Watching a bunch of rich left wing elitists give themselves awards for being rich left wing elitists is really boring. Plus the winners usually shouldn’t win. The best picture is usually some social commentary visage that does poorly at the box office but makes Hollywood feel prescient. But I ran out of things to watch on my DVR and it was close to bed time, so I watched the last bit from the comfort of my covers.

Now I have heard and read the rumors that the Hollywood elitists were embarrassed with “Zero Dark Thirty” (ZDT) because in some small way it confirmed that water boarding makes people talk. And I have watched the earlier awards and read comments from the film community pumping up “Argo’ while denigrating ZDT. I am sure they were also trying to resurrect President Carter’s failed presidency while trying to bury President Bush’s presidency. Having watch neither film yet I can not absolutely be sure if another great film was ruined because of Hollywood’s political correctness.

But I am absolutely sure of one thing. First Lady Obama would never ever make the movie of the year presentation if there were even the remotest chance of ZDT winning. Actor in Chief Obama being the astute community organizer and devotee to Hollywood and Washington image control would not have allowed that to happen. So the political fix was in and ZDT was buried, and buried a long time ago. Because it would have taken months to co-ordinate between the White House and the Oscar ceremonies. Which means the winner was known months ago. That can only happen if the outcome has been fixed.

ObamaOscarSo President Obama has now stooped to working with Hollywood elitists at fixing the Oscars for political purposes while he continues to act at being president. Fiscal cliff, unemployment or the world itself all take second place to President Obama getting free golf lessons and looking good. Maybe next year the Oscars will have an award for best acting as president award.

Liberals Hate Guns

(at least for citizens and not their own body guards)

Guest Post by Loki

Well the liberals are at it again trying to tell women what they are limited to in protecting themselves against rape. From Democrat politicians telling women that they can’t really handle guns and they might “…Pop a round at somebody…” and that they should instead use a whistle or go to a safe zone. Interesting… women should have the right to do with their own body as a matter of privacy unless they are trying to stop someone from raping them. Then they ‘just don’t be smart enough to know what their doing’. The University of Colorado actually suggested urination as a defense of rape. I don’t think they understand the word ‘rape’ let alone what a rapist wants. I guess liberals just think ‘women be too stupid to handle guns’. Besides they have made sure that if a woman gets raped she can just take the day after pill and fix everything. That is if she forgot to take her government supplied birth control pill. That or she can get an abortion and everything will be fixed. See all better little girl!

Then we have VP Biden’s extraordinary views of self defense and lack of knowledge on guns. He thinks that all his little woman has to do is shoot the shotgun off the balcony to scare away the rapists or intruders. Because all women must have balconies. Of course that will scare away an intruder in his rural neighborhood if any of the neighbors hear the shots or haven’t been shot by his wife randomly shooting off the balcony. Hopefully the wife will have not forgotten where old Joe hid the extra shotgun rounds now that she has used up all of her ammunition and now has a funny looking stick instead of a weapon. Joe must really hate his wife not even allowing her a pump shotgun with a few extra rounds. That or he is afraid she will ‘pop somebody off’. And we certainly don’t want her to shoot and kill an intruder, after all he is probably a liberal voter.

Old Joe made sure not to mention a semi-auto shotgun because that might be considered an assault weapon. Funny he never thought to leave her a Glock for protection. Much easier to shoot than an AR-15 or a shotgun. But then the Glock would have more than 10 rounds and would have been banned in Joe’s world. You know Joe a Glock with a mounted flashlight would probably help her distinguish an intruder from you… or maybe that is what you are afraid of?

I guess it just shows that liberals are more concerned for the welfare of rapists over their own wives and daughters. But then old Joe thinks he has a chance in 2016… so he is delusional.


Liberal Dichotomy (Or Why I Can’t Ever Be a Liberal)

Guest post by Loki

I have always been confused how liberals are against the death penalty for people who torture and kill men, women and children like Joseph Duncan yet are for abortion and can not see any relation in the two ideas. Somehow in their mind a man who kills a family with a hammer so he can turn children into sex slaves and then rapes and murders one of the children deserves to live. Yet third trimester abortion is just the elimination of a bunch of cells.

These very same people also disgustingly cheer Christopher Dorner and make him a hero for killing innocents claiming he is standing up to the police. There of course being absolutely no evidence that Dorner’s claims are true but this is still justified in their minds. Yet these same liberals favor gun control and want only the police to have guns to protect them. If they distrust the police so much why do they trust their lives to the police?

They also think making sanctuary cities for illegal aliens and disobeying the law is ok while sheriffs saying they won’t obey illegal gun control laws is bad.

It just does not make any sense. It seems like there is absolutely no logic in their decisions only random feelings steering their decisions.

I just don’t understand how anyone can live with these conflicts of ideas and morals. In fact their attacks against President Bush for drones while cheering President Obama for his use of drones makes me think they have no standards to live by… just feelings.

The Inquisition Comes to Helena – con’t (again)

Part III – Puppet Masters and Useful Idiots

(This is the third part of a series describing the takeover of the Lewis & Clark County Republican Central Committee by an ultra-conservative, extremist group aligned with the radical elements in and out of the Republican Party.)

No political or religious movement can hope to be successful without the contributions of two largely unseen, but ultimately critical groups – the brains and the brawn: Those who pull the strings and those whose who willingly dance when the strings are pulled. So it was in the twelfth century, so it is today. The Inquisition had the Papacy and Spain had Torquemada. The conservative movement in the United States has the John Birch Society and the unsophisticated political rabble known as the TEA Party. Let the burnings commence…

puppet master taylorMost Americans are largely unaware of the John Birch Society. Those of a certain age (“old”) who can remember the politics of the ’50’s and early ’60’s have at least a vague notion of the JBS as a rabid, anti-communist, ultra-conservative group on the outer fringes of the Republican Party. William F Buckley,Jr. was one of the most out-spoken critics of the JBS. His biographer, John B. Judis, wrote that, “Buckley was beginning to worry that with the John Birch Society growing so rapidly, the right-wing upsurge in the country would take an ugly, even Fascist turn rather than leading toward the kind of conservatism National Review had promoted.”

Membership in the JBS in the latter part of the twentieth century leveled off, especially after they tried to label President Eisenhower as a Communist and they destroyed Barry Goldwater’s shot at the White House by supporting him. Even after the organization’s founder died, the group continued to exist and hone not only its message, but also its method of delivery. With the emergence of the TEA Party in 2009, the JBS saw an opening to step back into the body politic as a co-sponsor of the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference, ending its decades-long exile from the mainstream conservative movement. They’ve already worn out that welcome, however, and aren’t invited to participate in this year’s conference.

So who is the new John Birch Society? They have been called the Tea Partiers of yester-year in that Birchers want as little government as possible. They also have advocated a shift back to the gold standard in the economy and believe that isolationism is the proper foreign policy position, much in line with the policies promoted by Ron Paul. In fact, many Ron Paul supporters are enthusiastic members of the JBS. The Tea Party movement differs from the John Birch Society primarily in that the John Birch Society was, and is, coordinated in a top-down, strictly managed manner. It is that organization that the JBS has brought to the TEA Party movement. The John Birchers are the guys in suits and ties, speaking with confidence and authority, giving legitimacy and credibility to the unsophisticated, ground-up, loosely organized groups. They use buzz words, like “Constitutionalist” – never really explaining what all they’ve wrapped in that philosophy to entice the low-information conservative voters to embrace their stated purpose without looking too deeply into their real agendas. They’ve moved in quickly to fill a leadership vacuum left by what started as a true grassroots movement, the TEA Party.

Like its original ’50’s edition, the John Birch Society of the twenty-first century is again associated with conspiratorial, racist and anti-Semitic ideologies that played a major role in the decline of the group in the ’70’s. But as a result of the Tea Party upsurge consisting largely of well-meaning, but politically naive citizens, the Birchers have found a more ready audience willing to buy what they are selling. The John Birch Society, knowingly, in order to manipulate a vulnerable segment of the population, promotes these conspiracies as a means of achieving power.

images-1Which brings us to the puppet master of the local crowd. The John Birch Society field director and world-renowned Constitutional expert (Why isn’t there a sarcasm font when you need one?!?!?), Robert Brown. Brown, like the Wizard of Oz, uses obfuscation and illusion to ensnare the minds of his sycophants along with his “acclaimed” series of classes on the Constitution – produced by the — wait for it — the John Birch Society. He also uses a slick Power Point presentation called, “The Power of 500” to mesmerize and recruit new members. Although he attempts to convey a diagnosis of “the root of the problem” facing America, in actuality, it is more like “a far-right version of the on-line game Mad Libs – a fill-in-the-blank conspiracy with culprits left to each person’s imagination.” Recruits are encouraged to read a Birch Society book called, “The Illuminati – Proof of the Conspiracy.”

The Illuminati was a secret society in Bavaria in the late 18th century that advocated subterfuge, secrecy, and conspiracy to infiltrate and co-opt other organizations. They fancied themselves to be “enlightened” but apparently didn’t see the light for long and were destroyed within fifteen years of their origin. The JBS leaders in America in the sixties devoted years to finding evidence that a variety of historical events from Waterloo, The French Revolution, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and an alleged communist plot to hasten the New World Order by infiltrating the Hollywood film industry, were all orchestrated by the Illuminati. Most people never heard of the Illuminati until Dan Brown dusted them off to be the antagonists in his popular novel, Angels and Demons.

The Birchers have preyed upon paranoid conspiracy theorists (PCTs) who believe the Illuminati cabal still exists, either in its original form or as a paradigm for later cabals. Many PCTs believe “that large Jewish banking families have been orchestrating various political revolutions and machinations throughout Europe and America since the late eighteenth century, with the ultimate aim of bringing about a satanic New World Order.” Current favorite boogeymen and PCT memes are the Bilderberg Group and Agenda 21. Robert Brown and the JBS feed into these whacky ideas by giving them credence. But, in order to be a successful puppet master, one must have puppets.

And that’s why useful idiots are necessary. These are the little people who want to sit at the grown-ups’ table, but haven’t figured out who the real grown-ups are so they tend to follow after whomever pays the teeniest amount of attention to them. Enter the epitome of a useful idiot – Jonathan Barbegello. Jonathan has been a member of the LCCRCC on and off for a few years, although he has been a faithful attendee even when not a voting member. A member of a strange and reclusive family from the Birdseye area, he is much enamored of his knowledge and abilities, not having had much exposure to the real world for comparison. While he’s smart enough to tie his shoes and put his pants on front side forward, he’s severely socially retarded and has a tendency to alienate those around him with his aggressive, anti-social manners. He almost single-handedly caused the demise of the Lewis & Clark County Young Republicans Club a year or so ago and now turns those same skills on the Central Committee.

The puppet master and the other leaders of the coup found in Jonathan an ideal and willing patsy. A little positive recognition and Jello-boy followed his master with the tail-wagging enthusiasm of a large puppy, unaware of, or at least unconcerned with, the devastation left in his wake. Jonathan was willing to be the face of the local conspiracy to cleanse the republican central committee of its moderate members, leaving the real leaders to pursue their takeover plans in anonymity. He reveled in holding secret meetings and plotting the overthrow of the current leadership. Willing to take whatever crumbs are tossed his way, Jonathan has never once suspected that he is being used. He will continue to dance on the end of the puppet master’s strings until he is no longer useful. And then he will be shocked and surprised when he finds himself flopped in a tangle of arms, legs, and unconnected strings.

As of last week, the hostile takeover was accomplished. The right-wing extremists now control the local republican central committee. They have infiltrated the organization and populated it with a cadre of political proselytes; most of them unwitting accomplices in a travesty destined for failure. Already, the body count has begun; the Grand Inquisitor, himself, has found the tables turned and the fevered frenzy of the madding crowd claimed its first victim. Awwww… Word has it that at least four other members, who up until now were considered among the more conservative of the group, have been ostracized for failing to meet the stringent standards of the fascist regime. The Inquisition doth take a toll, doth’n it?

The new leader of the group, a transplant from deep in the heart of Dixie, Doug Tapper, who has publicly advocated for a “litmus test” for members of the Republican Party, is probably still blissfully unaware of the disaster that awaits him. Continuing on the path of cleansing the organization of those who don’t rabidly adhere to the ultra-conservative, evangelical, racist, bigoted ideology of the John Birch Society is self-defeating.

If the purpose of a political organization is to elect candidates that will promote their agenda, they have to appeal to a broad spectrum of the electorate. Most people in Lewis & Clark County are – horrors! – liberals. Just a fact. Republicans have a really tough time winning races in this county, and in county-wide elections they mostly aren’t successful get their butts handed to them. Within the Helena precincts, the average Republican candidate can consider themselves lucky to pull more than 40% of the vote. We aren’t in the heart of Texas, Toto. This is a government town. TEA Party darlings like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul wouldn’t stand a chance here under the best possible scenario. And these yahoos think that shrinking the party is a strategic stroke of genius????

What will happen? Short-term, it’s likely that the Democrats in Lewis & Clark County will be chalking up more victories at the ballot box. Moderate Republicans and Libertarians make up a huge bloc of the non-democrat voters (see 2012 statewide election results), leaving the new, pure Republican party in a pathetically minority position. It’s anybody’s guess how long it will be before these purists figure out the simple math: A minority – [A significant majority of the minority] = Screwed.

While Robert Brown may see himself as a great “Constitutionalist” (albeit fraudulently), he has never been – and never will – be a Republican. His vision is not for the good of the conservative movement or the good of the party. Like the Wizard of OZ, Brown is the man behind the curtain manipulating the Munchkins on their journey along the yellow brick road to irrelevancy. If the flying monkeys don’t get them, they’d better watch out for falling houses. They leave bruises.

Wizard of Oz giant head

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”